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Art Restaurant, Terrace Grill, Art Café, Lounge Bar


Art Restaurant Mánes

Building of Manes Gallery was built on the site of the former Šítkovské mills in the years 1928 - 1930 at the request of the Association of Artists by proposal of architect Otakar Novotný. This is a functionalist building complex that serves as an exhibition space and a restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with frescoes ceiling made by Emil Filla and the construction itself was financially supported by the president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. The idea Manes Gallery is to be meeting point of people with a desire to enjoy the beauty of art conjunction with exceptional gastronomy.
Restaurace Mánes
Grill restaurace Mánes

Terrace Grill Mánes

Stepped terraces on the roof of the Manes complex offers views on the Vltava river, shores of the Smichov with the Petrin hill and a lookout or to the National Theatre and the Old Town. Terraces will attrackt you by long, iluminated bar with sufficient capacity, which gives them an unmistakable atmosphere. Right in the busy city center you can find a quiet place without the hustle and bustle of the city, perfect for gathering with friends, a romantic date or just a relax after a busy day.

Art café Mánes

Modern cafe and pastry shop, which is easily accessible directly from the waterfront, benefits from its attractive location, overlooking the National Museum. The interior is designed in a style, which respects the original idea of the Manes complex and therefore coffee or dessert are accompanied by the beautiful panorama of the river, Zofin Island and the Masaryk's waterfront. Purchasing a quick coffee to go or homemade cakes and pastries is matter of a few minutes and Art Café becomes an integral part of everyday street life of the city.
Kavárna Mánes
Lounge bar Mánes

Lounge bar Mánes

The magnificent interior with a pleasant atmosphere. Perfect place for your private event or celebration. In this unique area, there is going to be a modern cocktail bar with a wide selection of cocktails, wines, cigars and delicious dishes of the top gastronomy. Coming soon!
restaurace Mánes - napište nám
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