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Cultural, social and gastronomic history of this building dates back to 1930, when Manes was built on the place of the former Šítkovské mills for the former Association of Fine Artists, which was founded in 1887. The building itself attracts visitors, with its architecture and interior decoration, to great cultural as well as culinary highlights.

The unique beauty of renovated space of functionalist building Manes Gallery has a “genius loci” related to the history of this famous place and offering extensive use for all visitors. Whether you go for culture, culinary experience, live music, dancing and or corporate conference, here is always plenty of room for all. Capacity of Manes Gallery is up to 1,500 people which is one of the largest space in the center. You can always feel the breath of history from the past as this place was meeting point for famous politicians and artists such as Mikolas Ales, Antonín Hudeček, Antonín Slavíček and Alfons Mucha. Therefore it is not coincidence that president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk also contributed on the construction of this object.
Mánes group
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Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11.00-24.00
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