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Summer terraces Mánes

Terraces above the Vltava river with panoramic views are perfect to sit and stop in the busy city center of Prague. Our large terrace with a capacity of 240 seats has a breathtaking view of the surroundings Masaryk waterfront, visitors can observe flowing Vltava, modern architecture Dancing House, Petrin, Žofín, Prague Castle and also the National Theatre.

Terrace Grill offers cuisine inspired by Mediterranean region, an attractive open-air bar with a wide selection of beverages. Try some of the finest steaks from Angus bulls and Mediterranean cuisine with grilled fish, chicken from a farm or f or popular shrimp skewers on high-performance Josper grill. We guarantee the freshness and quality of raw materials, which in combination with the culinary arts of our team, will convince you that food can be different to what we usually are familiar with.

TIP: We work with the beef meat of the highest quality USDA Prime Black Angus Beef, which matures at least 30 days. The meat has a high content of intramuscular fat, which gives the meat its unique flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Beef steaks are prepared on the Josper grill, which combines a charcoal grill and oven. The Josper company has created a special steel alloy and unique technologies incorporated into their machines by long-term testing and exploration. Thanks to this we can prepare meals at 300-350 ° C. The result is a fast preparation of dishes, which retain the traditional flavor and unmistakable smoky flavor, while retaining the unmistakable texture and juiciness.
Meals are prepared under the supervision of our chef Jaroslava Zahálky, a member of the Club des Chefs des Chefs.






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Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11.00-24.00

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