Restaurace Praha 1 Mánes
Art Restaurant Mánes

Czech restaurant Mánes

Building of Manes Gallery was built on the site of the former Šítkovské mills in the years 1928 - 1930 at the request of the Association of Artists by proposal of architect Otakar Novotný. This is a functionalist building complex that serves as an exhibition space and a restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with frescoes ceiling made by Emil Filla and the construction itself was financially supported by the president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. The idea Manes Gallery is to be meeting point of people with a desire to enjoy the beauty of art conjunction with exceptional gastronomy.

Original area of the French restaurant was, based on architectural design, renovated in the spirit of Czech restaurant, which offers fine Czech cuisine, referring to the traditional recipes of grandmothers and develops Czech culinary heritage to a higher level. In the restaurant, which seats up to 130 guests in the inside restaurant and 80 guests in the terraces, you can enjoy traditional Czech dishes.







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Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11.00-24.00
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